Advertising can be expensive.

No one reads the papers for the adverts anyway.

That’s why PR consultants place their clients in the news and feature articles of newspapers, magazines and other media. Achieving coverage in articles is often more powerful and economical than paying for advertising.

That’s the value of PR.

Don’t just take our word for it. Look at what it says in The Economist.

You come into contact with PR every single day, mostly without even noticing. Research varies, but it is commonly estimated that 50 per cent of the content of national newspapers is generated by PR. On business pages, this is often much more.

But that’s just part of what PR consultants can do.

Public relations professionals don’t just publicise clients in the media. They also help to manage clients’ image and reputation. This can be through advising organisations about how they should approach particular issues or manage crises.

Working with the media is just one aspect of a PR person’s job.

A client’s internal and immediate audiences – such as their employees, members, subscribers, students and local community – are also important. PR consultants can help companies to communicate with these audiences using a variety of techniques.

PR people also work with the politicians, regulators and civil servants that can affect an organisation. This is commonly known as ‘lobbying’ or ‘public affairs’.

Organising and managing events also helps organisations to communicate with key stakeholders. This is another skill of the public relations practitioner.

Good PR enables an organisation to speak to – and listen to – the people that matter to its business.

It enables communication, and promotes understanding between an organisation and its key audiences – the people who shape the world in which it operates.

No matter what business you are in and who you want to communicate your messages to, PR cost-effectively promotes your organisation and its various works.

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