PWKPR are the antithesis of “PR people”, and yet everything you should expect of a PR company.

Our consultants are skilled and dedicated public relations professionals, trained in journalism and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. What’s more, our billing system places us among the most competitive PR companies in the industry.

Here’s a few things you should know about us:

  • We believe PR should deliver business benefit.
  • We guide clients through the public relations process, establishing organisations as effective, efficient and valued contributors to the media.
  • We take ownership of our clients and their challenges. Our consultants are as keen as our clients to attain significant return on investment for marketing spend.
  • Sorry, but unlike many PR companies, we don’t “do lunch”. It’s hard to have a proper meeting with a plate of food in front of you.

Our Team Values

1. Heroism:
To be heroic is to be: a problem solver, admired, benevolent, chivalrous, confident, courageous, daring, exceptional, gallant, good, great in a crisis, influential, noble, one in a million, powerful, reliable.

2. Deliver work a quality journalist would be proud of:
All staff are trained in news and feature writing.  Clients are served by knowledgeable, skilful and media savvy consultants.

3. Get it right first time:
Work to a high standard to reduce time required for revisions by the team or the client.

4. Pro-activity:
Don’t wait to be told. If it needs doing, do it. Be innovative, creative and always seek improvements to our work.

5. Provide value for money:
Treat our clients’ money as we would like ours to be treated. Media coverage achieved should account for more value than alternatives such as paid for placements.

6. Team work:
Good team work makes work easier and improves the quality of work.  We’re part of our clients team, and they’re part of ours. All team members’ input is important. Team members must pitch-in when someone is having difficulty, and pitch-up if they have an innovation or improvement.

7. Always learning:
Nobody knows it all. Each team member should have a drive to learn new skills that contribute to PWKPR and our clients, and become the best PR person they can be.

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