PWKPR is the corporate, business-to-business and technology public relations brand. PWKPR is a trading name of Parker, Wayne & Kent Ltd.

The consultants working for PWKPR are selected for their straight-talking, cerebral and no-nonsense natures, their desire for results, and their multi-skilled approach to public relations. We are the antithesis of “PR people”, and yet everything you should expect of a PR company. We’re nimble, we work hard, provide value for money and insist on high quality work in our media relations, analyst relations, event management, contract publishing, internal communications, political relations and online PR.

PR is a process. Once a relationship is established with a client’s stakeholders, we work to sustain and enhance those relationships, whilst at all times looking for new opportunities. Our consultants guide clients through this process, establishing organisations as effective, efficient and valued contributors to public discussion, whether through the media, social media, government debate, events and industry gatherings.

PWKPR develops integrated public relations strategies aligned to client business aims. By using a variety of media and techniques we achieve client objectives.

Please review our services or get in touch so we can chat about how we can help, and what your organisation can expect to achieve.