The Right Angle

Practice: Media Relations

Campaign: Use client’s internal research to promote product

Client: Site Morse

Timescale: Three days

About SiteMorse™

SiteMorse™ tests web pages using established standards, monitors the availability and performance of websites, and diagnoses any problems. This enables SiteMorse™ clients to deliver the best possible experience to their website users and helps them remain to compliant with regulations, such as the Disability Discrimination Act.

SiteMorse™ has a comprehensive range of website availability monitoring, diagnostic testing and reporting services. It assesses website functionality, performance, accessibility, compliance and brand consistency.


> To promote SiteMorse

> To use media relations to communicate the need to improve the performance and effectiveness of online services to an audience of top-level website owners and managers

> To introduce SiteMorse into a new market via media relations.

Strategy and Plan

SiteMorse™ regularly produces benchmarking reports for different sectors and disseminates them to interested parties.

SiteMorse™ produced one such benchmarking report on the performance of Central Government websites and disseminated it to their subscribers. The research received one piece of media coverage. As the report had already been released and was no longer news, and to fulfil the aim of introducing SiteMorse™ into a new market, Parker, Wayne & Kent would conduct an angle analysis of the benchmarking report.

An angle analysis uses Parker, Wayne & Kent’s creativity and keen analytical skills, to find new angles of interest to the media. We then work with the media to convert angles into media articles.

We identified in the SiteMorse™ report an alternative media angle that would target the human resources sector by highlighting the performance of the Government’s employment and benefits websites in the benchmarking report.

We devised the angle, supported the angle with extracts from the SiteMorse™ report, created a news release in consultation with journalists, targeted the release to appropriate media and promoted the story to the HR media, government and online media.


The story achieved coverage in core publications as well as introducing the company to new business sectors.

The release gained nine known pieces of coverage in nine different publications, increased registrations on theSiteMorse™ website and led to new business opportunities with large clients.

The release gained coverage in public sector, human resources and technology media.


Nicholas Le Seelleur of SiteMorse™ said, “Parker, Wayne & Kent were proactive and hit the ground running with this project. After their analysis of our data they developed a strong angle and an interesting news story that gained coverage. Importantly it introduced us to potential new clients.”

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