As well as large organisanisations, PWKPR work with a lot of small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The videos above give an example of our work with Swing Patrol who successfully achieved investment on Dragons’ Den. They turned to PWKPR to build and maintain their profile. If you’re viewing this page on a mobile site, you won’t see all the embedded videos, so open the videos in YouTube’s mobile app by clicking here.

Managing Director of Swing Patrol, Scott Cupit, said, “PWKPR have regularly achieved national broadcast, print and online media coverage for Swing Patrol with the BBC, the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Express and more, as well as regional media around the UK and specialist / trade media coverage. PWKPR have also contributed significantly to Swing Patrol’s sponsorship and corporate events strategy, not only helping to develop Swing Patrol’s sponsorship properties, but also being directly involved with negotiations and closing deals with sponsors. This has contributed directly to Swing Patrol’s bottom line.”

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